French Travel Compendium Retailed by Hazebroucq c1900
French Travel Compendium Retailed by Hazebroucq c1900
French Travel Compendium Retailed by Hazebroucq c1900
A very unusual French tourist or travellers pocket barometer, compass, thermometer and clock compendium retailed by Hazebroucq, Paris, c1900

Pocket barometer having open centre, silvered and die struck dial with outer bezel rotating altitude scale calibrated in metres, divided down to 10 metres with a range from 0 – 1000m. Inner barometric scale calibrated in mmHg with a range from 68 – 79 and divided to mms. The lower part bearing details of the retailer, “Hazebroucq, 23 Rue de la Paix, Paris.” Blued steel pointer. Single display 25mm capsule driven cantilever movement. All set beneath a bevelled glass.

The compass with silvered and engraved azimuth circle calibrated on degrees from 0 – 360, divided to single degrees, the centre with continental rose showing cardinals and intercardinals, arrow showing magnetic deviation, approx. 9 degrees west. Remote capstan style transit lock.

The clock with hand painted enamel dial having roman chapter ring, divided to minutes. The thermometer set on a silvered brass register, calibrated in degrees Celsius with a range from -10 to 55.

All composed upon a frosted gilt lacquered fascia, the whole contained within a brown leather over timber silk lined case, the inner lid bearing in gold block the name and address of the retailer set within a cartouche, and with silk holder for original setting/winding key. The verso with several ports, two for the clock, winding and setting, one for the barometer for adjustment, and a further slide out section for access to the clock regulator. Snap closure on a button release.

Condition: The pocket barometer fully serviced, conserved and calibrated under laboratory conditions. The fascia plate retaining much original frosted lacquer, some losses and marks. The lid silk generally faded and perished, though remaining intact. The leather covering remaining intact with good colour, areas of discolouration.

The barometer working well with good progression, returning very acceptable accuracy. The clock runs well, keeping acceptable time. The compass easily finding north, the transit lock working well. The thermometer intact and working. The case hinge repaired as per original.

Comments: These compendia are seen from time to time, and they have become very collectable. The quality of these instruments varies – this one is much better than most being complete, original and with all instruments working well. It is very unusual though in that it incorporates a clock, the first such example so far seen. It has the added advantage in having what is almost certainly the original key. There is a position for another key, and it is likely the instrument was provided with two keys, one being a spare, as the key in the set undertakes all functions.

In all, a very good, unusual and complete set, very much for the collector.

Dimensions: 4½” wide x 3″ deep x 1″ high

Stock No: CP1819

Price: £1200