Mahogany Barograph by Richard Frères c1900
Mahogany Barograph by Richard Frères c1900

A first quality lacquered brass barograph by Richard Frères, Paris, No 387 c1900 in mahogany five-glass case

Antique barograph having finely executed lacquered brass and polished steel mechanism, raised on four turned pillars over a full length brass chassis, comprising seven pressure sensing capsule stack with calibration knob over, burnished and blued pivots, blued screws, polished recording arm, arrestor bar, ink station with original bottle and dipper. Drum with fully enclosed conventional seven-day movement having platform escapement, captive winding key, time adjustment port, sprung paper retainer with rotating securing clip, lid, securing knurled nut and serially numbered “387.” The sun wheel similarly struck “387,” polished steel axis shaft. Thermometer with silvered register having a scale of 30-100 degrees Fahrenheit. Frieze chart draw below. Five bevelled glass case over with mahogany frame, hinged at one end, the whole raised upon slab feet.

This barograph, unsigned but unquestionably by Richard Frères, France, is, with its mahogany case, of the very highest quality.
The subject of a complete re-build, with attention having been paid to alignment, balance and pivots. Now exhibiting very good sensitivity and progression. The arm with replacement but contemporary nib, the brass work remains original in all respects. The case disassembled, cleaned and reassembled. The clockwork mechanism professionally serviced.

The chart shown was recorded by this instrument as a test at an elevation of 600ft (unadjusted).

Dimensions: 14” wide x 8½” high x 9” deep

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